love stories and laughter

What to expect when you bring me along on your adventure.

When you choose me as your wedding or elopement photographer, you get my skill, my equipment, my experience, my artistic vision AND my weird and wonderful cat-loving, cake-eating self. I put my absolute all into my weddings and I'll happily huff and puff my way across fields, through cities and up mountains in order to get the perfect shot for you guys. I'll be with you throughout your day, documenting your love, your laughter and your tears and at the end of it all you'll have the most amazing set of images to share and enjoy. My work is full to the brim with genuine smiles and laughter and I love to tell stories with images and add my own little sprinkle of magic. If you're a couple who love a good laugh, want someone who you can relax with and you love REAL photos with messy hair, muddy boots and wide grins full of emotion, then we're going to get along fabulously!


uk + destination wedding photography with a sparkle

You love stunning photos!

I hate to blow my own trumpet here, but I've had a lot of practice in taking amazing photos and if I don't mind saying so myself, I've gotten pretty damn good at it. My photos are my pride and joy and I pour a whole lotta love into the weddings and elopements that I capture. My style is a rustic, artistic mash up of beautiful moments that are really happening, with a splash of creativity thrown in to get you those epic shots that end up on your wall.

You're an explorer...

I love to find little hidden spots for photographs, which can sometimes mean lifting up your dress or hopping over fences! If you love a bit of adventure, don't mind getting a bit of mud on your dress and are happy to run across beaches or wade into some tall grassy fields in order to get "the shot", we're going to be a match made in heaven! I'm here to make the absolute best use of the location you spent so long deciding on for your wedding day, whether it's here in Somerset or all the way yonder in Italy. Let the beauty surrounding you sing loud and proud in your wedding photos!

A wedding photographer who's not afraid to get her feet wet

You 're looking for a photographer who's "all in".

When you choose me to be your wedding photographer I'm going to get excited and will be dreaming up photos for your day from the second I know your venue! I go all in on my weddings, putting my heart and soul into capturing the best moments, taking wall-worthy photographs and doing everything I can in order to get THE shot while keeping you and your guests laughing throughout. On the day, I jump right into the middle of it all, so think of me as an honorary bridesmaid who will be giggling along with you!

You want someone who will be there for the little moments.

I really do thrive on little moments like these. When I'm not by your side, I'll be looking around for all the magical moments of joy that present themselves throughout your day. Candids have their own kind of wonderful magic. I absolutely love to swoop in and capture the laughter as it plays out, and then swoop on out again to go find the next smile! Wedding days are non-stop fun, and there's a lot of celebrating to do with a lot of people, so you'll never catch everything that goes on throughout your day, which is why for all of those moments that are happening around you without your knowledge, I'm here to capture them so that you can look back on all of the memories your loved ones made.

LET'S CUT THAT CAKE AND party together!

The Process



If you think we'd be a good match, first things first, I want to hear all about your plans! Send me a message with your date, the location for your wedding or elopement and anything else that you think might be useful for me to know. We can discuss which package will suit your day and if you fancy saying hi over a Zoom chat and a cup of tea, we can do that too! If you're local to Taunton, we can even grab a coffee and get some hugs and pumpkin spice in before the day.



Once you've made the exciting decision to book with me, the next steps are to make it official! I can't secure your date until I have received your contract back, completed and signed, and also a £300 non-refundable booking fee. Upon receipt of these, I'm 100% yours on your date and will get to work planning magic for your day. A few weeks before your date, I'll be in touch again to arrange a Zoom chat with you to go over all of the important details of your schedule.



Wooooo! The day you've been waiting for! This part is ALL YOURS and all I need you to do here is have an incredible time! When it comes to your wedding day, the most important thing is to relax and have the best day of your life with all of your loved ones. I'll be there to capture it all and will be smiling at all of the joy surrounding your wedding.



As soon as I'm home from your wedding I back up all of your files to a few different locations and then get to work with the processing! I edit each image individually and pour a lot of love and care into every wedding gallery. Approximately 8-10 weeks later, you'll receive a very exciting email from me with all of the beautiful images from your wedding day, so grab a glass of bubbly and relive those wonderful memories!


Do you travel?

Hell yes! I'm happy to chase the love all over the world and will follow you to wherever you choose to celebrate your love for each other. Travel within a 2.5 hour drive from Taunton is included within my packages, beyond that, depending on your location I may need to add on a small amount for accommodation in order to avoid morning traffic and be my best self for your day. For destination weddings and elopements, there are no limits to where I'll travel, so get in touch for a bespoke quote. My passport is always in date!

Can we request a second photographer?

Yes you definitely can! Adding a second photographer to your package is a great way of getting coverage from different angles during the ceremony and is especially good for when you're getting ready in separate locations. It also means that you can have an additional set of eyes throughout your day to capture all of the fun your guests are having!

What if you're unwell on the day?

Have no fear, if I'm sick or fall off a cliff and absolutely cannot make it to your wedding, I luckily have access to a wide network of professional photographers who are ready to jump in and help out. In the rare case that this happens, they will photograph your wedding in my place and then I will edit and deliver the photos to you as planned.

Do you have insurance?

I do! I'm fully insured with Public Indemnity and Public Liability insurance, and am more than happy to provide proof for any venues that requre it.

How long is the wait to receive our images?

Your images are usually edited and delivered to you within approximately 8-10 weeks. I edit each and every photo by hand and don't rush my work so that it's the absolute best it can be when you receive it. I know that the wait can be difficult though, so don't worry, I'll send over some sneak peeks within 1 week of your wedding so that you've got something to share with friends and family!

Do we need to provide you with food?

While it's not in my contract, I am human and weddings are long days! I really do appreciate it so much when a meal is provided, and it gives me a moment to change out batteries and cards and rest my feet while your guests are eating. Plus, feeding your hungry photographer gives them even more energy for bobbing about on the dance floor with you all later!


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