Hello friends! I'm a wedding & elopement photographer based on the border of Somerset and Devon and often find myself hopping all over the UK. Although I'm based in the South West, I travel all over the UK to photograph weddings and elopements and I'm also available for destination weddings abroad, so don't be afraid to get in touch if you're further away.

For my wonderful friends in Ireland, I'm always looking for an excuse to pop over for a packet of Tayto crisps and some Bantry Bay mussels, so please do invite me over! I'm often travelling back and forth between the UK and Ireland, and am available to cover weddings in Co. Cork and Kerry. I'm just a short ferry ride away!


Hey there! I'm Carina.

A little bit of unnecessary information about me; I have a cat called Frodo who I found in my shed one windy morning. He’s probably one of the worst cats on the planet, but that just makes me love him more (appropriate cat tax shall be paid below). My favourite food is pancakes; a fat stack, slathered in maple syrup. My ideal day involves either a Marvel or Lord of the Rings marathon with pizza and milkshakes or a long hike in the great outdoors. My favourite colour changes too often to tell (my hair colour changes about as often as the seasons do), and my favourite place in the world is a tie between the Irish mountains of Co. Cork and the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. So yeah, I do like a good mountain, but I'm also a big fan of a cup of tea in bed. Oh, and I also have 3 more cats, who didn't quite make it into the fellowship of great names like Frodo did, but I love them too and am probably officially classed as a crazy cat lady now I suppose. I also have a wonderful fiancé called Alex who doesn't mind feeding all of our fur babies and carrying my gear upstairs after a long wedding (and yep, I'm excited to be joining all of you lovelies who are getting married soon with my own wedding to plan!).

One more thing that you should know about me, is that I'm no grumps! Alongside taking beautiful photos of you, I'll also be your slightly strange but lovable friend for the day. I come with free smiles, plenty of laughter and the occasional poorly timed "Dad" joke.

Before you share your story..

let me tell you mine..

Hiring a photographer for your day is an experience. You're going to spend A LOT of time with them, and you're going to be showing them the most treasured parts of your life and taking them with you through an incredible and unforgettable journey. That is why I believe it is SO important to choose someone who you can connect with, as your photographer is going to form an integral part of all of the memories that you hold dear from your day.

I love wild moments and windy days. While some people may worry about their hair getting messy or their shoes muddy, my heart grows two sizes larger for every real nugget of beauty that flows out of a memory.

Wedding & elopement photographer | Somerset, Devon and beyond


My style is a tasty mix of artistic reportage and fashion editorial photography, pulling in all of the elements of creativity that I've built up over the years. I've worked with so many different genres of photography, right from when I first discovered 35mm film as a child, through to working with fashion and still life while studying at Norwich University of the Arts. Having perfected my style of shooting through years of experience, I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to share my vision with you.

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Let's make a fry up

Okay, okay, DON'T WORRY! I won't be bringing a frying pan to your wedding. BUT, I do see my approach to a wedding day as a delicious mixed breakfast. I'm not a one trick pony coming into your day to do only one thing, instead I like to mix it up and combine a little bit of everything in order to leave you with a gallery that will stand the test of time. Keeping things light-hearted and relaxed, for your couples photos I love beautiful natural moments with unapologetic bursts of laughter, but I also like to direct the occasional shot and get creative in order to really make the most of the location that you've spent so much time dreaming of for your day. Give me wild windy mountain tops, sandy beaches or grand spiral staircases, and I will jump to work creating art for you while laughing and having fun along the way. I will always go the extra mile in order to make those photos count, and so if you're up for walking with me and hopping over those fences or through that gap in the hedge, together we will create something unforgettable that will be framed and shared for years to come.

When I'm not by your side sprinkling stardust and being your biggest fan, I'll be with your guests floating around your venue, bouncing between mad moments, spilled drinks and spontaneous dancing in order to document your day exactly as it flows and capture all of the fun as it happens in an unobtrusive but "right in the middle of it all" way. Think, artistic photojournalism. Pull out the old cooking pot (there she goes talking about food again...) and throw in a jug of documentary, a sprinkle of fashion, a spoonful of art and a whole lot of love, and there you have my recipe for a bloody good set of photos.

I treat all of my clients as my friends, and that’s exactly how I would love for you to see me. I’m a pretty chill person, and aside from capturing some amazing photos when you meet me, I’m also there to make sure that you have a great time, whether we’re on a portrait session together, or we’re getting you ready in the morning for your wedding. I will be laughing with you, helping you to put your shoes on or find your vows, grabbing you that much needed glass of champagne before the ceremony or tidying up the room for those perfect photos of you in your wedding outfit. As I said, a photographer is an EXPERIENCE, and with me you will have someone with you who is always up for going the distance and putting in the extra effort for the prefect image and biggest smiles.

Let's talk cats, films and wedding dates...

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